Customer Support

Technical support

We are committed to providing quality support that will allow you to ensure the continuity of your business and scale the solutions implemented

Our Plans

Affortable according to your needs

  • Resolution of issues with acceptable response times.
  • Troubleshooting the implemented solutions, as long as they are aligned with the initial scope.
  • Telephone, electronic and platform access with support agents.
Popular Choice
  • Problem solving with quick response times.
  • Telephone, electronic and platform access with support agents.
  • Assignment of a technical support representative.
  • Resolution of problems with preferential response times.
  • Equipment management with preventative maintenance.
  • Telephone, electronic and platform access with support managers.
  • Assignment of a technical support specialist representative.
  • Quarterly technical and business optimization reviews.
Silcon provides maintenance on the technical support services acquired by the client or on his behalf, during the period for which the applicable fees have been paid. Support and Maintenance services vary depending on the product (s) purchased or applications developed.

All plans covers:

Call and mail support
Operating systems updates
Preventative maintenance
Vulnerability and risk management
Remote support

How do we work

Framework for your business to be successful

04 Steps

01. Analysis
We identify your opportunity area, their causes and the size. Always along side with the owners of the process, with whom we agree on the tools and solutions to be implemented.
02. Design
We develop the product backlog with users, prioritizing the solutions that fulfill their needs and meet the expectations of main stakeholders.
03. Implementation
In the journey, solutions are tested constantly, validated and adjusted shoulder by shoulder with the end user to ensure that issues are solved in the most optimal way.
04. Documentation
We design manuals and procedures that explain how to use the implemented tools, useful to reinforce the knowledge of users and train new staff.